The Nightingale

It was a beautiful sweet summer night, the moon was high in the sky and so bright that you could think she polished herself for some special occasion. That very night I was being cradled by the music of my friend the nightingale when something started to tickle me. The nightingale broke his song and, … Leggi tutto

The wizard

Alberto Trebesky, Spring, 2010. It looked like he was stealing the golden yellow of ripe wheat, the dark green of my leaves, the grey of heavy-with-rain clouds. I don’t know how he did it, maybe he was a wizard, he had to be. The only thing I know is that when he finished, the canvass … Leggi tutto

Infibulation and female genital mutilations

Today is the International Day against infibulation. Zero tolerance for infibulation and female genital mutilations. This short story, the n.54 from The Olive tree Tales is my contribute to wake up awareness. Unforgivable infibulation She was five years old and happy when they came here. With a dirty razor an old lady cut away her … Leggi tutto