Infibulation and female genital mutilations

Today is the International Day against infibulation.
Zero tolerance for infibulation and female genital mutilations.

This short story, the n.54 from The Olive tree Tales is my contribute to wake up awareness.

Unforgivable infibulation


She was five years old and happy when they came here.
With a dirty razor an old lady cut away her clitoris and more;
then she sewed her tight.
Her mother was holding her
and I still don’t know how she could stand
her own daughter shouts of pain.
A brutal, useless pain that changed a healthy little girl
into a forever suffering woman.
She was five years old and devastated
when they went away.
Blood was everywhere and they justified it
in the name of Allah, God or whatever they called it.
But Allah created the woman like she is
and Allah doesn’t make mistakes.
Allah is infallible.
For sure the terrible pain and scars
on that poor girl’s body and soul
will not be forgiven.

The Olive Tree


Olive Tree

Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is a watcher.
It is a centenary tree that observes what happens at its feet and tells us his point of view.


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