It is impossible to resist the theatre’s mysterious sensuality that charmed me from the very first moment. And once charmed, it is forever.
I played, I danced, I let the costume designer sew veils and brocades on me, I let the make-up artist paint my skin, I let the director transform me into the Shrew, Desdemona, Eve’s snake, the Fairies’ Queen…
Then I started writing.
And when I write, I see. Like at the theatre.

Plays that already were on stage

  • Il Gran Teatro del Mondo
  • Showgirl
  • A Letto con… Willy!
  • E le bomboniere? No!
  • Echeggiano nel vento
  • E le femmine? Tutte streghe!
  • Itinerario Shakespeariano


  • La Confessione
  • La Preda
  • La strega di Appignano
  • La profezia creola

Translations and adaptations

  • Macbeth
  • Othello
  • Tempesta



Dance Theatre
These play have already been represented

  • Dannunziana
  • Arlecchino in cerca d’Autore
  • Carpe Diem
  • dell’Odissea
  • Ilio
  • Viaggio dantesco
  • Nouvelle – Omaggio a D’Annunzio

All the theater works listed here are S.I.A.E. protected
and can be requested for eventual staging.
Contact us also in case of customized plays requests.